We handle it all!

Often times, when you work with an event planner, they outsource your team building events to another vendor, but with Luxevents, we handle it all!  Because we are able to plan your event as well as your team building activities, it allows us to develop completely custom programs.

For example, a client came to me who wanted to plan a Salsa Throwdown for her personal holiday party.  Because I created the programs & facilitate them, I am able to customize the event, which is typically a team building event, into a social party activity to meet the needs of the event!

Educational Programs Coming Soon

We’ve developed & facilitated a collection of team building events that help co-workers to better communicate with one another, develop camaraderie, leadership skills, & enhance group interaction & a competitive edge.  We offer a collection of charity team building events like Build A Bike for Charity, Create It programs like Salsa Throw Down, & interactive ones like our Mission Possible team building program.   We have a number of programs available, but are always open to creating new custom programs to meet your team’s objectives and goals.  Rest assured, we’ll make sure your event is successful, well planned, perfectly facilitated, and meets your team’s objective!

Charity Team Building Events

  • Instrumental Inspiration
  • Stuffies
  • Build A Bike for Charity
  • Build A Bike Challenge
  • Backpack Battle
  • Project Food Frenzy
  • Pret A Porte (shopping budget then clothes are donated to women’s shelter)

Create It Team Building Event

  • Food Challenge: Salsa or Guacamole Throw Down
  • Chili Cookin’ Challenge
  • Sauce It Up
  • Floral Dreams (create flowers to donate to a retirement home)
  • Build Your Own Golf Hole
  • “Chopped” certain ingredients used
  • Cake & Cupcake Decorating

Limitless Laser Tag

We’ve taken the expertise of running our on-site laser tag events & team building programs on the road and have created innovative & interactive programs that will take your event to limit with limitless laser tag team building & competition programs! Update your next corporate or social event with a “High Tech” laser tag, Stratum-style, complete with a custom themed laser tag arena, décor, interactive challenges, team packets, & awards! Enhance your group’s ability to think on their toes, strategize, communicate, & build camaraderie while playing laser tag at any venue you can imagine…the options are limitless! Choose from programs like Urban Cowboys, Tag Like a Rockstar, Operation Camo Tactics, or come up with your own theme and we’ll create it!

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